Mantram of Unification

The sons of men are one and I am one with them.
I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form, and life and all events,
And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail.
Let all men love.

This mantram starts with the relationship between “the sons of men” and each one of us and deals with the soul techniques which I must use and the personality reactions which I must not use so that I can become consciously one with the sons of men. It seems to be very easy to hate - someone perhaps who is deliberately making life difficult for you or working against something you hold to be very precious. But that person is also a soul, and perhaps we are not as correct as we might think.

We always like to "get something in return". It might be compensation in the form of money or recognition that the emotional body enjoys. As souls, however, we often have to work in the shadows, without any apparent effect or notice taken of our efforts.

Healing is hard - but we can make a start by not hurting as much or so deeply. If we can identify more fully with suffering humanity we will have a better idea of where the hurts are. As we learn to apply the Techniques of Goodwill so will we become healers and not hurters.

Pain means that we are not unified with our surroundings. Pain drives us along the route to spiritual at-one-ment. As we progress and achieve a measure of unification we will start to feel the pain of others as well as our own but we will also start to build our capacity to absorb that pain as we move forward on the discipleship path. As the soul controls the outer form so will some of the causes of pain be removed.

The final verse is a statement of power - a statement of creation. We are all creators and we can upgrade our abilities to create on the higher planes of existence. "Let there be light and love."

We can say the Mantram of Unification from the level of the soul as a daily dedication of ourselves to the service of humanity. The nature of the soul is spiritual love, the quality of group consciousness, of inclusiveness, of mediatorship, of attraction and of unification.

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