"Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun, hidden by a disc of golden light, that we may know the truth and do our whole duty as we journey to Thy sacred feet."

This is a very ancient invocation. It is supposed to be uttered by the heart, comprehended by the head and supplemented by an ardent life of service to humanity. Like most invocations it can be understood at various levels.
It can be seen as an invocation to the Sun of Righteousness, the Solar Logos, the true spiritual Sun. It makes clear the esoteric nature of the appeal to the true light behind the golden light. The will to serve, to do one’s duty drives this invocation forth. The service is carried out in the light of understanding.

As the aspirant perseveres and struggles, overcomes the problems and brings the lower bodies under control, the second field of knowledge is revealed - knowledge of the self in the spiritual body and awareness of that source of spiritual energy which is the impulse behind the lower manifestation. The "disc of golden light" is pierced; the true sun is seen; the path is found and the aspirant struggles forward into ever clearer light. As the knowledge of the self and the consciousness is stabilized, the Master is found; the aspirant’s group of disciples is contacted; the plan for the immediate share of work the aspirant must do is realized and gradually worked out on the physical plane. The activity of the lower nature decreases, and the aspirant gradually enters into conscious contact with the Master and his group. But this follows after the "lighting of the lamp", the aligning of the lower and higher and the downflow of illumination to the brain.

The colour golden is often used to describe an etheric structure. It is also used to describe the nature of the Path of Discipleship.

The sun is in Leo this full moon, as it was last month. The sign Leo is ruled by the Sun in all three aspects, the exoteric, the esoteric and the hierarchical. In its lowest aspect Leo is seen as the individual, intensely self-centred. In the esoteric aspect, the strength and courage of the disciple is turned towards the assistance of humanity in increasingly wider and more inclusive service. Hierarchical service is far ahead but we can guess at its effectiveness, driven by an uninterrupted reception of light and total group certainty.

The Fixed Cross is the cross of light. Pouring through this cross, coming from Leo, are the "fires of God", cosmic, solar and planetary. Each of these fires "clears the way by burning" for the expression of the three divine aspects. The three aspects of the Sun are the factors which bring consciousness into existence and make the ultimate goal attainable. The physical sun represents the animal soul, the heart of the sun the human soul and divine ego and the central spiritual sun represents the divine consciousness.

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